Spotlight: Bob’s Red Mill

Next week, the 38th annual Natural Products Expo West event will take place in Anaheim, California. Natural Products Expo West is the world’s largest natural, organic and healthy products event, attracting more than 85,000 industry attendees and 3,500+ exhibitors. With an ever-increasing trend for natural and organic foods, skincare, household cleaners, etc., the My SEO Edge team has witnessed first-hand how search engine optimization (SEO) in this highly competitive space can be a challenge for these CPG (consumer product goods) companies.

Of the many, many sponsors for the Natural Products Expo West, there is one company that stands out amongst the rest as a model for excellence in search engine optimization. Bob’s Red Mill was founded by Bob Moore (happy belated 90th birthday, Bob!) and his wife Charlee in 1978, and is now publicly recognized as the “nation’s leading miller of diverse whole-grain foods.” We are specifically fans of Bob’s Tapioca flour, which is a key ingredient in our version of Pão de Queijo (Brazilian cheese bread). It may not be exactly traditional, but it’s delicious nonetheless!

Even though Bob’s Red Mill is not a client of My SEO Edge, just for fun, our team did a quick evaluation of what makes this company a leader in SEO optimization for their category. Here are five key elements of their success:

  1. Their website has optimal visibility to Google and other search engines – Bob’s Red Mill scores an ultra-impressive 90/100 for their internet marketing effectiveness score. This score is read across more than 16 data points, putting them at a significant advantage over their competitors for mobile readiness, website usability, security/privacy and relevancy.
  2. More than 80% of their SEO (organic) traffic comes from non-branded keyword search terms – the secret sauce that Bob’s Red Mill has discovered is the value gained by optimizing website content for non-branded terms. In other words, Bob’s Red Mill does not come up in search results just for “Bob’s Red Mill”. They are also in the top results for keyword terms such as “mullet”, “almond flour”, and amazingly, even “heavy cream”.  In case you were wondering…no, Bob’s Red Mill does not even produce heavy cream!
  3. They gain a measurable benefit from their search engine optimization efforts – Bob’s Red Mill is relevant for over 115,000 keywords on Google and other search engines. What does this mean from a return on investment (ROI) perspective? Simply put – their prime position in organic search terms bring them over 462,000 monthly visitors, valued at over $365,000. This equates to more than $4.4 million of essentially free advertising over the course of a fiscal year. Wow!
  4. Bob’s Red Mill has established themselves as the “voice of authority” – This company has been so efficient in optimizing their website content with glossary of terms, recipes and frequent blog postings, that they have established themselves as the go-to experts on whole grains and healthy living. They have influencers who participate in their regular postings (five per week); each blog further solidifies a healthy position with Google and other search engines and contributes to keeping the company fresh and relevant.
  5. They have a strong backlink program – A backlink is when another website posts a link back to your site. Whenever a website finds your content influential in some way, they will reference the information back to the original source. Bob’s Red Mill has more than 10,000 websites sending potential customers back to them, equating to more than 720,000 backlinks. This gives even more credence to Bob’s legitimacy with Google and other search engines.

If you are among the many people who will be attending the Natural Products Expo West on March 5th-9th, make sure to stop by the Bob’s Red Mill booth. They deserve a hearty handshake of congratulations on an SEO job well done!