Gingrich 360 – Growing Brand Value

The Challange:

When I started at Gingrich 360 in January 2020, there was no measurement of success. Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich (residing in Rome, Italy, as his wife Callista was the United States ambassador to the Holy See) wrote three weekly opinion pieces (with syndication mainly to, had just started his podcast, Newt’s World and from time to time would appear on Fox News Channels evening shows. Before my management of the digital operations, Gingrich 360 had only 43 visitors (users) per month with just 2.45 page views per visitor. The email marketing management had zero calls to action back to the website. Social media was all graphical, with no link to the website, and YouTube was just a few trailer videos of Newt and Callista’s DVDs. Finally, there needed to be more emphasis or strategy to promote any books or videos on the website for ancillary revenue.

The Solution:

The first strategic fix focused on search engine optimization (SEO). After implementing Google’s Search Console tool, I altered the content structure: headlines were placed in standard H1 tags, sub-headlines (new) were in H2, and the remaining context was inside the P tag. Image file names were keyword-based and compressed into Webp format to improve page load time. Improvements were measured using SEMRush and WooRank. 

In 2021, with the support of a trained staff of interns, we relaunched a new WordPress Gingrich 360 website. I used a faster theme (Generator Press), a page builder, and Yoast Premium to enhance the SEO. In terms of Speaker Gingrich’s content, he started to record long-form videos; syndication grew beyond to include the Washington Times, Epoch Times, Newsweek, and others. The podcast includes a call to the website and newsletter sign-ups. The newsletter platform was upgraded first to Salesforce marketing cloud and later, due to cost/benefit, Campaign Monitor. A redesign of the newsletter offer multiple links to the website plus a section for ecommerce. Social media was improved by shifting from non-performing and non-engaging graphics to content with links to the site. Third-party content was presented as a flash brief written on the Gingrich 360 website (which also had critical SEO benefits.)

The Results:

Traffic to the Gingrich 360 website improved significantly – site users increased by 2.2x, pageviews by 3.8x, and a 1.7x increase in pages engaged by each visitor. An e-commerce store that generated less than $20K in 2019 now generated sales close to $100K in subsequent years. The critical measure of success, the brand/influencer value of Speaker Newt Gingrich, as measured by the 3rd party platform Brand24, improved from just over $1MM when I started in Jan 2020 to north of $9MM annually from 2021 to 2023 peaking in the 4th quarter around “election season” and peaked at $32MM in Nov 2022.  

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