Build Your Personal Brand – Own Your Audience

My digital influence program will allow you to build your brand while giving you the digital assets to become a significant influencer in your field of expertise. 


Provide an individual the formula of a digital ‘soapbox’, ‘megaphone’, and audience to become a marketable brand. – VOICE of AUTHORITY.


Build a Network of Individual Brands that audiences want to invest in and promote. ARMY of ADVOCATES.


Capture an asset – email address or advertising impressions – develop a customer journey to distribute a relevant message(s), communicate via newsletter (content), distribute via social media, membership programs, commerce, podcast, streaming media channels, published books, and broadcast media. Engage the Army of Advocates DAILY to support via their marketing channels (their social media). Retain users.

The program offers four pillars of influence:

  1. Digital Branding
  2. Interactive communication and connections
  3. Media, public relations, advertising representation, and management
  4. Revenue opportunities via eCommerce and membership programs

Digital Branding would include:

  • Website and content creation
  • Streaming channel on Roku, Apple TV, Amazon FireTV and Google Chromecast
  • Podcast

Interactive Communication and Connections would include:

  • Social Media Strategy
  • Email Marketing

Media, public relations advertising representation would include:

  • Television, radio and digital media appearence bookings
  • Public relations release creation and releases
  • Spokersperson representation with potential advertising partners

Revenue opportunities would include:

  • eCommerce store to sell branded merchandise
  • Interactive (inner circle) subscription membership programs

Each pillar would include monthly maintenance and upkeep, tracking, and analytical analysis.