For the past 20 years, I have been a pioneer and at the forefront of using innovative digital marketing and eCommerce strategies across various industries, including news, sports, and politics content drivers and commerce, travel, medical devices, consumer product goods, and health and wellness, from start-up organizations to global brands. I have used my knowledge and expertise to guide businesses to become more customer-centric, resulting in incredible growth and engagement of a database of users (the army of advocates), significantly impacting top-line revenue and operating profit.

My core strategic philosophy is based on developing a customer-first approach and then leveraging a digital marketing budget centered on search, social, mobile /applications, and digital display & programmatic media. These actions, combined with robust financial tracking and business modeling, analytics, and insights are key to driving new customer/purchase acquisition, retention, revenue growth and channel expansion.

SPECIALTIES: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Amazon selling and acquisition management, Omnichannel integration, digital marketplaces, email marketing (including continuity newsletters and trigger messages), mobile responsive website design and the use of the AMP platform, connected television applications and development, digital platforms for website management, digital advertising and acquisition, communication and customer relationship marketing, multi-platform mobile applications (apps), social media (including reputation management and influencer marketing), virtual and augmented reality tools, marketing operations, content strategy and creation, web analytics, customer experience, search console, predictive modeling using A/B and multi-variable testing, CRM, and ROI analysis.

Industry/Vertical Experience: Consumer Products Goods (Retail, Grocery, Drug, Mass and Wholesale club), Medical Device (Regenerative Medicine), Health (Pharma, OTC, Personal Wellness), Travel, Digital Publishing (News, Politics, and Sports and Gaming) & e-Commerce.

Allen's Four Pillers to Success



Caroline W

Allen is a genuine pleasure to work with. As a client of mine, he was always on the lookout for compelling new opportunities with my company and we established a true online partnership by working together on new integrated programs. He is a strategic thinker and understands how to push the

Suzanne D

I had the pleasure of working with Allen at Terumo BCT. He was my go to person for anything and everything I ever needed internally. He was prompt, went above and beyond and was always helpful. A true team player who cares about

Austin G

Allen was responsible for driving several new marketing initiatives for the point of care cell processing business at Terumo BCT. These initiatives accelerated lead generation and increased the level of support, trust and collaboration between marketing and sales. What stands out most about Allen is his tenacity for problem solving and ability to work across all levels of a matrix organization, synthesizing the needs of different individuals to shape larger strategic initiatives while also coming up with creative marketing hacks

Lara N

I had the pleasure of working on Allen’s team for a year at FC USA. Allen is a passionate leader who is hands-on and energetic. He always encouraged professional growth and education for his team members. Allen also made it a point to be open and accessible; which was a refreshing approach and much appreciated in a busy corporate

Denise A

I had the pleasure of working directly with Allen while he was at Atkins. Allen’s formidable knowledge of both the interactive and eCommerce space is impressive. I would purposely try to stump him on news of the latest and greatest new announcement, only to find he not only new of the announcement, but already had formed an opinion. Allen also has deep roots and experience in both the dieting and CPG industries. I really appreciated his openness to new ideas

Daisha M

Allen is a highly engaged leader who is a creative thinker and who also provokes thoughts from others. He always has a positive attitude and is caring towards his colleagues. During the time I worked with Allen, I learned valuable information I can take anywhere. He promotes growth in his and others’ work, is always at the forefront of change, and makes decisions based on the future. Allen is an invaluable leader, who I highly recommend. I look forward to

Sherri P

Allen really built out Atkins Nutritionals on several social media platforms as well as revitalized its web site and online presence to make it much more more competitive with other leading diets in the field. It complemented our work in the PR sector to help elevate Atkins’ overall messaging. The different tactics he instituted for increasing consumer engagement with the brand were dynamic and

Kim E

Allen is a terrific big idea person. He is extremely knowledgeable on the industry and good at coming up with strategies and ideas to capitalize on marketplace opportunities. He will do best with a team of very pragmatic action oriented “do-er’s” who can take his ideas and initiatives and bring them to full

Sheryl C

Allen was always our reliable compass at eDiets creating and measuring critical metrics for the business and keeping us on track. Not only did he report on the numbers he also was able to turn data into actionable information. I would highly recommend Allen for any position requiring attention to detail and the ability to turn that into a strategic

Travis L

Allen’s expert knowledge of the Internet and dedication to his company is unprecedented. His strong mentoring capabilities allow him to create solid support teams. Allen’s approach to any project starts with an analytic examination of the process as well as a creative way of looking for solutions. For over two years he has been a wonderful boss, a good friend, and an endless resource of information. And if it were not for him my career advancement would not have been

Michele H

Allen has superb analytical skills coupled with a terrific understanding of how to generate web traffic from a very granular level up to the 25,000 foot

Michael W

Allen has an extensive working knowledge of SEO, online media strategy and implementation, internet marketing and managerial responsibilities. A true asset to any

Bill C

Allen is battle tested interactive veteran. He understands the space and is well versed in ROI/transactional focused

Mark E

Allen is top notch internet professional and a great person tohave as a colleague. He consistently provided well thought out analysis and recommendations for many different business situations. It was a pleasure to work with Allen and I hope to do more business with him in the

Samantha S

I had the privilege of working with Allen Silkin as a member of his Digital Marketing team at Flight Centre. Allen’s fresh perspective and innovative ideas were invaluable to the team and created an exciting yet challenging work environment. Under his leadership I gained additional skills that have helped make me a better designer. Allen is a true leader and would be an asset to any

Angela M

Allen is a personable and talented leader who promotes education in his department. At Flight Centre, he ensures that employees receive access to training material so that his department is on top of their game, staying current with web trends on both a design and development basis. He is also the type of boss who is willing to roll-up his sleeves and help his team. After Allen was hired, I knew I wanted to be part of his team. He

Danny E

Allen brings to the table a diverse skill-set honed from years of online marketing experience. He has a deep understanding of the ad-sponsored market segment and knows how to ask the difficult questions critical to uncovering potential hurdles or challenges. Allen can be relied on to challenge conventional wisdom and to come up with unique approaches to complex

Jennifer M

Allen offers diverse and creative solutions based on years of online marketing experience. Allen is a team player, a strategic thinker and has a deep understanding of the Internet. He has substantive email marketing experience developing and managing email campaigns, delivering on program objectives and financial goals as well as demonstrating the ability to effectively interact across all business functions to deliver effective online marketing programs. He is also methodical and extremely efficient and creative; definitely an “out-of-the-box” thinker. His

Ryan D

Allen was a pleasure to work with. Very proficient in giving you the numbers and statics to implement projects and creative.Very intelligent and insightful into the realm of internet

Harriet G

Allen is an expert in online technologies and is intuitive inapplying the right technology to meet specific marketing needs. He is an outstanding, trusted resource as both consultant and business

Martin W

I worked with Allen at a major medical device company. Always a pleasure to work with, Allen knows digital marketing inside and out, from theory and strategy to technical implementation across various systems. Very much a valuable member of any digital marketing

Jay B

Allen was an excellent analyst, very organized and

Alex H

Allen is highly skilled in Media Planning, Web Marketing and Analytics. While using best practices and innovative ideas, Allen can help companies improve ROI and build traffic to make a web business successful. Great person to work with. I did the creative and he did the analytics, like Batman and Robin without the

Jordan P

While working with Allen I found him to be a good leader with a great ability to empower his team, encouraging growth and developing the department. As a skilled and talented Digital Marketer, I learned a lot from Allen about email marketing strategy, display advertising, he was always willing to share his knowledge and support us as a team. I truly enjoyed my time working with Allen and I thoroughly recommend him to any

Kirk S

Allen is an exceptional individual that is well connected in his areas of expertise. He made an immediate positive impact at HealthGrades with his in-depth knowledge of the Internet Advertising space. Allen is an innovative thinker and is extremely action oriented and results driven. Allen is a person with a high level of integrity and great sense of humor. It was true pleasure to have worked with

Bryan P

Allen Silkin has a strong skill set that encompasses the strategic,operational, and tactical aspects of a business. He is both the information source as well as the cog in the wheel. Allen, is focused on the end objective and knows how to get there in the most efficient

Staci H

Allen was very kind and welcoming to me when I joined the organization and the team we were on together. He was quick to assist with anything anyone in the department needed help with, specifically from a technology standpoint. Trouble-shooting technical and/or software systems issues is a strength of his. Allen developed digital tools that helped our department and field sales personnel be more proficient in daily activities. He was a go-to resource for field sales personnel for training and


I have worked with Allen when I was at two different companiesand have always enjoyed working with him. He always had a great understanding of the business and what was needed toget the job done

Sean R

A true team player, Allen was able to tackle and solve a multitude of problems across the board. He consistently went out of his way to ensure others around him had the tools they needed to be successful and helped foster an upbeat and positive work environment day in and day out. His expertise and knowledge in digital media and software allowed for the improvement of many outdated processes which dramatically changed the way My team was able to carry

Caroline D

Allen was always willing to offer his assistance. He went out of his way to make sure all questions and concerns were not only answered but thoroughly understood. He’s a great teacher, co-worker and friend. Allen would be a tremendous asset for anycompany and has my highest

Damian M

Allen fosters an envirnoment of sucess for his team and partners. Allen grew eDiets online marketing and revenue generation projects through analytics, drive and passion to find the right solution. He is also a lot of fun to work with and honestly cares about doing the right thing for the company where he

Chris B

Allen has a forward-thinking vision, having a deep insight into the latest trends and drivers in Search Engine Marketing. He has an uncanny ability to scour thousands of online articles, and identify those that are relevant and can actually deliver results. I work with Allen tangentially on a number of projects, and always found him to be informative, helpful, and (most importantly) very personable to work with. Unlike other SEM guys I know, Allen actually knows his stuff – and

Andrew W

Allen is unique in that he can manage the complete line of business. He sees the strategic business objectives, the market trends and the P&L while being able to execute with accountability. He can run the

Gina B

Allen’s tremendous depth of internet knowledge is impressive. He is one of the few true internet marketing experts that can tiein worlds of online analytics, media planning, media buying andstrategy. Couple his talents with any online performance basedcampaign and you will have a

Olivia B

I have worked closely with Allen over the last year and a half. In my role as an editor and writer on the Atkins website, collaborated closely. He is a team player, a strategic thinker, and has a deep, intuitive understanding of how to attract and hold site visitors. It goes without saying that he is also extremely intelligent and thoughtful. I have enjoyed working with Allen and learned an enormous amount from

Colette H

I have worked with Allen Silkin for several years and at all times I have found him to be dependable, hard-working, and conscientious. Since the beginning of our collaboration, he has been an energetic and goal-oriented person. Some of the main attributes are his persistence, diligence and passion for his work. He grasps new concepts quickly, thinks strategically, and is always open to new “out of the box”

Bob Y

Allen worked on some projects with my customers to help us grow our business and did a great job. He is very detailed and knowledgeable in his field of

Regan B

Allen’s grasp of social media, online community and marketing campaigns is phenomenal — he’s intuitive, execution-oriented and very very smart. He took Atkins’ social media presence from zilch to a high level of engagement and user satisfaction in very little time. This guy gets things